About the PCCC

Who are we?
  • We are quite simply a group of cabin crew who understand that if we don't speak out against the destruction BASSA are inflicting on our company, then we may not have a job to protect.
  • We are cabin crew who can see that the imposition by BA was brought about entirely by the negative attitude of BASSA.
  • We are cabin crew who can see that if we don't negotiate quickly and effectively, we could lose a lot.
  • We are cabin crew who can recognise that the Monthly Travel Payment would be an effective way to offset the concerns about New Fleet.
  • We are cabin crew who can see that a strike is likely to lead to worse T&Cs being imposed on us. (Staff travel, hotels, etc.)
  • We are cabin crew who like to look after people - particularly our customers. We do not want to damage their travel plans, at Christmas, at Easter, or at any other time.
  • We are cabin crew who can see that the new crew complements are not at all bad, and they have not affected us personally.
  • We are cabin crew who can recognise that in the current economic climate, a deal that does not reduce our pay in any way is actually a good one.
  • We are cabin crew who can recognise that the militant views of the 70s have no place in today's environment.
  • We are cabin crew who see the need to collaborate with BA, negotiate and work in partnership with them towards a better future for all of us.
  • We are cabin crew who realise that a strike may cost us our jobs.
How will the PCCC represent you?
  • Negotiating your pay and conditions
  • Providing personal advice & legal support
  • Advancing careers & job security
  • Protecting your health & safety
  • Promoting equality, dignity and diversity
  • Reducing workplace conflict
  • Providing an arena for all your views
  • Creating a professional atmosphere and positive approach towards work

We will champion the Customers' demands through our insight and understanding of their needs.

We will enhance the success of BA, our Company, through our professionalism, collaboration and determination to succeed.

How do I join the PCCC?

To join, you can register by clicking here.

The PCCC needs a critical number of members in order for the company to recognise it.

That means we need you to get in touch to register your interest, and get any like-minded crew colleagues to do the same. You can do this confidentially using the box on the right hand side.

We are aware that any organisation that is created to work with and for the workforce as well as working with an employer, needs to have a formalised structure as well as solid support from legal and financial experts, employment specialists and all other essential ancillary support.

The PCCC is ensuring that this is happening right now, it truly is vital. Please continue to spread the word, encourage others to email us and look out for more updates as soon as we have them.