Your chance to get involved

Dear Colleagues

We are sure that you have all been watching developments with a degree of exasperation, as we have.

The PCCC started totally independently from BA Management or any other body to provide an alternative voice for those of us who feel that this battle between the union and the Company has been totally avoidable. We are now keener than ever to find a way to bring about change in a professional way. We need your help to make this happen. If you are interested in working with us to help with the following:
-Increase our numbers
-Increase our influence
-Build a successful place to work
Then please email back with your details. We will hold a closed meeting for all those who are interested in getting more involved. This meeting will give us a chance to gauge genuine interest, and decide on which direction the PCCC needs to go. We are looking to meet within the next month. Once we’ve heard from you, we will be back in touch with more details.

Thank you
The PCCC Team